The fault in multifandoms
just a normal unsocial teenager who is part of an ever growing number of fandoms.


when there’s a fire, don’t forget to stop, drop and pop it, lock it, polka dot it, country-fy it and hip-hop it


grapes with seeds can go to hell

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Such graceful creatures.


Here’s a fun april fools day prank you can do. Sneak into my room and place thousands of dollars everywhere. Just on everything. Cover my things with an insane amount of money. Make it a real hassle to clean up. The more money the better the prank.

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barack. 50. bisexual. im a boy and i wear makeup get over it. my parents dont understand me and i hate them. killjoy name: emobama exploder. this is an lgbt friendly blog. if u follow me i follow back.

omg no stop reblogging this it’s from my emo phase sTOP
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well it started out inspirational
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If a guy is mean to you just send him this pic